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Marian Column, Prostejov [EN]

Presenting an English version of a short documentary film about the Marian Column in Prostejov, which is the second film of an internet series of documentary films on important monuments in the Czech Republic - a project called "" supporting education and tourism.

The presented part of the cycle was financially supported by the Olomouc Region, the Town of Prostejov, Miroslav Pistak (Mayor of Prostejov), Bozena Sekaninova (Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic), Zaluzie NEVA and IF Facility.

Narrator: Jaroslav Krejci
Production: Milan Kyr
Dramaturgist: Petr Dvorak
Directed by: Ondrej Sovik
Photography by: Jakub Kyr
Edited by: Ondrej Sovik
Sound by: Matej Novak

In connection with the project we have started a YouTube channel of "Pamatky dnes" and a Facebook profile of "Pamatky".

Quoting the massmedia on the second part of the cycle:

TYDENIK Prostejovska



Prostejov Information Channel of PIK no. 465 of June 24, 2014

Prostejovske radnicni listy, page 12
Project completed
Project Images


The further part of the internet series is being post-produced. The short documentary was filmed in 4K UltraHD resolution on the RED 1
We have finished the two-part Sorrowful Rosary sculpture set series about the baroque sculptures by the St. Michael Church in Olomouc.
Within the project, the cine4net production studio presents the English version of the Augustinian Monastery in Sternberk documentary.
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